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Marin Brew Co

Marin Brew Co’s Booth – A Must Visit

Marin Brewing Company is putting on it’s 13th BreastFest tomorrow, July 12th, at Fort Mason in San Francisco.  Originally hosted at Marin Brewing Company with 16 breweries in Larkspur back in 2000, this festival has grown to feature over 60 breweries this year.  It’s one of my favorite summer beer festivals and features a ton of local breweries.

Get tickets at $20 off:


lagunitas beer circus 3

The Lagunitas Beer Circus is here tomorrow! Golden Gate Brew Tours is looking forward to seeing you there this Sunday, May 19th, to experience 24 breweries, cabaret performances, contortionists, music, food and more.

This sold out event is now in its 5th year and the proceeds go towards keeping music in schools.  Golden Gate BrewTours has no tickets available anymore, but a lucky 38 people will get a ride to the event and back.


Boonville Beer Festival Glass

The Legendary Boonville Beer Festival is often known as a beer festival for brewers with a beer festival in the middle of it.  After spending 3 days with 88 breweries in the small town of Boonville in Anderson Valley, I think I know why.

Watch what you missed at Boonville in one minute:


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Although we usually focus on local SF beers, we have had the opportunities to try a few international beers when traveling.  Uganda, the pearl of Africa, is a wonderful country full of beautiful landscapes and friendly people. If you find yourself in Uganda and in need of a beer look no further for a beer guide! Listed below are the most popular beers in Uganda:

#7 — Club Pilsner Beer

Club Pilsner

  • “Tastefully Different”
  • 4.5% ABV
  • Brewed in Nile Breweries – Owned by SAB Miller

This tastes pretty terrible, kind of bitter but not in the ways hops are bitter, like in some sort of bad water combination making it taste bad. Drinking one of these was tough and it will have to be last on my list.


Golden Gate BrewTours Cheers

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Golden Gate BrewTours is now hiring for part-time tour guides.  If you or some of your friends are interested in working with us please contact us at  Here’s what to expect:



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